Our mission is to connect guests and visitors to online web shops for canal tickets, accommodation, dynamic packaging, activities and local attractions.

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Our partners and distributors:
Telemarkskanalen Regionalpark / telemarkskanalen.no, Skien Dalen Skipsselskap AS / MS Victoria (kanalbaatene.no), Telemarkskanalen Skipsselskap AS / MS Henrik Ibsen (mshenrikibsen.no), Hotel Dalen AS / Dalen Hotel (dalenhotel.no) M/S Telemarken, Thon Hotel Høyers, Straand Hotel Vrådal, Kanalbussen / Telemark Bilruter og Vy

Telemarkskanalen sales & booking office +47 409 20 000
Norwegian Travel Group AS, Strandveien 50, N-1366 Lysaker, Norway. Organization number: mva 991 875 794

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