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Norwegian Hospitality Group Data Protection Declaration

Norwegian Hospitality Group AS processes your personal information in various contexts, for example when you order services from us, stay overnight at our hotels, use services we provide and in certain other contexts. In our privacy statement you will find more information about our processing of personal data. Below you will also find contact information if you have questions or want to request access. We process your personal data in accordance with the Norwegian Personal Data Act in force at any given time, including the GDPR.

Responsible for the processing of your personal data

Our company Norwegian Hospitality Group (NHR), org. no. 989 467 395, Strandveien 50, 1366 Lysaker, tel. +47 67 10 20 11 is responsible for the processing of personal data in our systems for booking, invoicing and hotel operations. We are also responsible for our marketing and sending emails from us to our customers and contacts.

Processing of personal data related to bookings and stays in connection with your bookings made by yourself or by others on your behalf, we process the personal data we need for us to be able to fulfil the agreement on booking and purchasing services. This is information you have given us directly or which you have given us via a travel agency or agent. For example, we process information about your identity, your contact information, and your payment information. In some cases, we will store your passport number. In addition, we process other information that you may have given us and that is relevant to your stay with us. This can be information about allergies or about special wishes for your stay. We register all purchases and orders you make with us, such as spa, restaurant, room service, etc., so that we can deliver such services and so that you can pay for them. We process this information for as long as is necessary to fulfil the booking agreement with you, and in addition if applicable legislation or government orders impose this on us.
We log the use of electronic key cards in our hotels. We do this to combat and solve crime, and for security reasons, including fire safety. We store the logs for 21 days.

Processing of personal data for marketing purposes

If you sign up for our newsletters, we store your email address to be able to send you news and offers from us. We will also use your e-mail address or telephone number to send you news and offers within existing customer relationship rules. Our basis is marketing legislation. We will contact you on social media after your consent or within existing customer relationships. To use social media as a communication channel, we must provide your e-mail address or telephone number to the social media. Our basis for this is consent or legitimate interests. You can at any time withdraw consent you have given us. You can also reserve yourself from receiving marketing in existing customer relationships. You do this by sending an email to the specific hotel or to

Processing of personal data for development, troubleshooting and security

We will process data that includes personal information to troubleshoot and correct errors, improve our services and the technology we use, and to analyse usage and user behaviour. Furthermore, we will process personal data to verify your identity, including verifying identity in connection with your use of our digital services. We anonymize data or compile statistics as far as we can but will also have to process personal data for development, troubleshooting, statistics and security purposes.

Processing of personal data in general

If you contact our customer service or otherwise contact us with inquiries, we will process personal information you provide as far as is necessary to answer and log your inquiry. The basis for this is legitimate interests or to fulfil agreements with you or answer your inquiries. In addition to the processing described in our privacy statement or based on your consent, we will in some cases have to or be able to process personal data when applicable legislation, including the Personal Data Act and GDPR, valid authority order or court imposes or allows us to do so.

Disclosure of personal data and statutory processing

We do not disclose your personal information to third parties, unless you have consented to this, or unless applicable law, including the Personal Data Act and the GDPR, valid government order or court permits us or imposes this on us.

Your rights

You as a person have several rights according to the personal data regulations.
You have the right to demand access, correction, or deletion of the personal data we process about you. You also have the right to demand limited processing, direct objections to the processing and demand the right to data portability.
To exercise your rights, you can download and fill out the following access request (PDF) to us.
We will respond to your inquiry to us as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days. We will ask you to confirm your identity or ask for additional information before we allow you to exercise your rights against us. We must do this to ensure that we only give access to your personal information to you - and not someone who pretends to be you.

Privacy Officer

Norwegian Hospitality Group has its own privacy representative. The privacy representative is the representative for all hotels affiliated with Norwegian Hospitality Group. The Privacy representative is our contact point for the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. Our representative gives all hotels in the Norwegian Hospitality Group, our data processors and our employees advice and guidance on the processing of personal data and the rules for this. The representative works to check our compliance with the rules for personal data and our internal guidelines. Our representative can also help you safeguard your rights with us, or help you get answers to questions about your personal information with us. You can contact our privacy representative at If you believe that our processing of personal data does not comply with what we have described here or that we in other ways violate the privacy legislation, then you can alternatively complain to the Data Inspectorate in Norway, or the supervisory authority in the country you live in hotels. how to contact the Data Inspectorate on the Data Inspectorate's website


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Personalization of stay with us

Norwegian Hospitality Group wants to offer our customers the best possible hotel stay adapted to the individual guest's preferences and purchase history.
We will, based on legitimate interests, use information we have received from you about your preferences for rooms (for example, "window to the sea" "want quiet rooms") and information about your purchases with us ("sparkling water" rather than "still water"). 

To offer you a customized stay.

This information is collected based on your purchases with us and the wishes you express to our employees. In addition, we will sometimes collect information about you from open sources such as the internet and social media, limited to information relevant to offer you a personalized stay with us. The basis for this is legitimate interests. The information will not be disclosed to others. You can reserve against our use of your information to personalize your stay. You can do this by sending an email to

Changes in privacy statement or in processing

We work continuously with the development and improvement of our services to our customers. This may change the way or scope of our processing of personal data. The information we provide through this privacy statement will therefore be adjusted and updated at irregular intervals. We will also change the privacy statement when new rules or government practices make it necessary.

Different chain structures and privacy

Our companies interact in chain structures and are part of larger groupings with a common brand profile. In all such chain contexts, the chain's privacy statement will govern, and to the extent that there are discrepancies, the chain's privacy statement will override NHG´s.

Shortcuts to privacy information for companies and hotel chains we represent.

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