As a hospitality real estate and operator owner, we have a unique opportunity to optimize and develop our hotels.

We continuously and proactively upgrade all our properties to:


Our hotel operations follow the sustainability programs of their respective chain affiliations.

Read more about the chain's sustainability programs here: 


Nordic Choice Hotels


Thon Hotels


Historic Hotels of Norway


Nordic Hotels & Resorts


In addition to the chain programs, the hotels are involved in both local and regional projects that reflect the hotels' and NHG's values, examples of this are:


  • Local community actions such as Beach cleanup
  • Swimming campaigns: The hotel donates per participant who swims in the sea
  • Local sports associations
  • Apprenticeship schemes
  • Study and university projects
  • Preservation of historic buildings
  • Uses local purchases and companies to carry out work
  • Integration projects via public institutions, e.g. NAV, or the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration
  • Home-produced honey
  • Electric chargers for electric cars.

Buildings and installations

As a property owner, we are interested in constantly making the hotels more efficient and reducing our environmental footprint. This is good economics and "win-win" for all parties.

In general for our hotels are:

  • All hotels sustainability-certified and energy-labelled by external actors, Environment Lighthouse, ISO, etc.
  • Continuous upgrading of facilities to use energy more efficiently, e.g. through investment in modern technology such as heat pumps.
  • Training and supporting the hotel operation organizations to use the facilities correctly and optimize energy use.
  • Be constantly looking for new and better solutions to improve our hotels.


Son Spa, Strömstad Spa & Resort and Thon Halden uses advanced seawater heat pumps to heat their pools and buildings.

PMI Go Green - With Technology as a tool:

Together with the platform owner, d2o, and Nordic Choice Hotels, NHG has an ambition to create a digital tool to identify, reduce and forecast climate emissions.

The platform visualizes climate emissions per guest and how actions affect contribute to the hotel achieving its sustainability goals and how it impacts the hotel’s financial results. 
Through S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely) objectives motivate employees and managers to actively work with the sustainability platform, in the same manner as other activities in the hotel.

In the future, hotels will be able to create climate performance reports in the same way as financial reports and be measured on this.



Kilde; d2o