Dalen Hotel from 1894 has everything for the adventurous traveller. The lavish, romantic building style with dragon heads, towers, balcony’s and cornices mirror history. You may endulge in extraordinary culinary experiences and enjoy a cultural and historic journey back in time by combining your hotel stay with a comfortable sailing on the Telemark Canal with one of the veteran ship’s M/S Henrik Ibsen and M/S Victoria.

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Built at the end of the Telemark Canal, in Norwegian dragon style with state-of-the-art facilities, stained glass from Berlin, French-inspired menu and with electricity and water, to meet the needs of the world's rich and famous. Today Dalen is Hotel is one of Norway's most iconic hotels and has received the EU's most important heritage protection award, Europa Nostra's silver medal. 

With antiques, art, over 50 different plant and tree species in the garden facing the Telemark Canal, gourmet restaurant with Michelin star chef and M/S Henrik Ibsen from 1907, Dalen Hotel is a one of kind experience. 

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