Hotel Riviera, Moss

A new and unique hotel destination for business, conference and leisure in Moss, 50 min. south of Oslo. 172 rooms and suites, brasserie, bars and Riviera Pool & Wellness.

Where the waves of the Oslo Fjord roll in and meet the beach and land, a lively and modern resort with attitude is now emerging. Vacay mode, Meetings & Celebrations Riviera-style has never before been so close and easily accessible! Hotel Riviera is a wonderful, inspiring vibrant luxury experience that opens mid 2023 in Moss.
Hotel Riviera is not just a place, it's a feeling!


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Petter Wilhelmsen

General Manager


Mobile: + 47 91 36 33 12 

Tel: +47 91 36 33 12

Gunveig Eggen



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Tel: +47 98 45 69 21